Development Management & Advisory Services

Development Management & Advisory Services

Access has the ability to identify compelling investment opportunities through well prepared, thorough feasibility studies and a strong sense for concept development, supported by extensive know-how on hospitality operations, hotel management system development and international hotels’ core and sub-brands, as well as strong expertise in development management in hospitality.

  • Creation of Preliminary Concept & Feasibility Studies
  • Brand Operator Search & Contract Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Advisory Services in Hotel Management

Feasibility studies are prepared in light of extensive market research about the region, the industry and the competitive environment. All relevant data from public institutions as well as private sector is utilized, market conditions are carefully examined. Concept proposal is made based on the best use of the related project. Concept proposal includes creation of physical concept, area program and product differentiation proposition (SWOT Analysis).
• General Market Overview
• Hotel Market Assessment & Competitive Analysis
• Supply Assessment
• Demand Assessment
• Site Analysis & Concept Proposal
• SWOT Analysis
• Pricing Strategy
• Financial Projections incl. 10 Years P&L, Cash Flow & ROI Analysis

Based on the brief from the Client including location and area program/based on the output from the feasibility study, Access will make a thorough analysis to facilitate Client determining the best possible Operator for the project. Based on the preceding analysis and Operator meetings, Access will assist the Client in negotiating the final and best commercial offer as well as the Letter of Intent with the Client’s selected hotel Operator.
• Operator Search including Analysis of Alternatives and Short List Preparation
• Negotiation of Commercial Terms (LOI level)
• Negotiation of Definitive Agreements together with Owner’s Legal Council (HMA level)

Project management phase includes

  1. Providing guidance to project team of the investor (architecture, design and engineering teams) to support pre-  determined concept as well as efficiency of operation
  2. Determination of FF&E and OS&E specifications and preparation of FF&E & OS&E lists
  3. Integration of brand’s / operator’s design criteria to the project

The major strength of Access lies in the fact that it provides investors the means for a profitable operation by reflecting its experience and expertise in international hotel operations to the planning and project management process.

  • Design Direction
  • Assisting owner for selection of architect, interior designer and project consultants
  • Coodination between hotel company, project team, architect, interior designer and consultants
  • Operational MEP Review
  • Life & Safety Review
  • IT Review
  • Review of FF&E list
  • Preparation of OS&E list
  • Assisting owner’s procurement team for cost efficiency