IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy Services

IT services for hotels are a fundamental component within Access Hospitality’s project development and pre-opening services. Keeping up to date with the most recent global trends and advancements, Access technology consultants not only ensure that brand standards are fully implemented while managing information technologies of the world’s largest hotel brands, but also influence global brand standards with the experience they have amassed since the establishment of Access Hospitality.

We develop technologies and provide IT solutions for hospitality and IT support for hotels to support critical technology processes.

  • PMS systems
  • BMS system integration
  • Reservation systems
  • Network infrastructure
  • Server systems
  • IPTV
  • PBX systems
  • Hotel door lock systems
  • Restaurant automation systems

IT Strategy Planning for Hotels

In a technology-driven world, it’s important for hotels to differentiate themselves with faster, more reliable technology and greater access to content. Today, hotels need to plan their technology investment correctly in order to meet the expectations of their guests.

To meet the needs of modern day’s hotel guests, Access consultants work in coordination with hotel brands, developers, operators, architects, builders and interior designers to create hotel management IT solutions that meet key project requirements and are in line with the latest industry trends.

IT Project Management

Access technology consultants follow a procurement process in phases for effective product selection, which is key for successful project management. In large hotel projects, the effective planning and management of the processes between technology design and procurement is critical in terms of service quality and cost management. While managing the project, it is important to correctly determine at what stage the IT applications will take place in the construction program and to align the technology solutions with the goals of the project stakeholders.

Access consultants have extensive experience in IT consulting for hospitality and carry out exhaustive planning to add value to the project through BOQ, RFQ and all necessary diagrams used by international hotel brands.